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    I have taken the following:

      • 2 Lakhs of loan

      • from Aditya Birla

      • with 21% interest

      • With Rs. 7,535 EMI

    I paid all EMIs on time.

    After one year, In 2021, I had my account blocked and my EMI was auto deduct.

    The account was blocked because I was the guarantor for some of my relatives who had not paid their EMIs.

    I got multiple phone calls after that EMI bounce.

    I asked them to provide some alternatives and they give me the Google Pay option to pay their EMIs.

    My EMI due date was the 6th of every Month.

    But, I Pay all the EMIs from alternative Google Pay (which is suggested by their executive) on 1st or 2nd date of each month.

    After a few months, I got a call regarding the charges.

    I told them, I pay every EMI earlier, before the due date so why are you charging?

    But, They don’t provide anything and keep that charges in my account.

    Recently, I got an email that says to maintain a 4k amount in the account.


    I had send an email to them to take a look at my request:

    But, Asking them for clarification on charges, I got the email regarding paying EMI on their x account.

    They completely forget my request for clarification on the charges and keep sending me to either maintain the amount in the account.

    Or, Pay the EMI in alternative ways.

    I sent them the video of what I see while checking their net banking account.

    And after two days, I get an email:

    They keep sending me emails about Pay EMIs but my actual request was about clarification.

    I keep asking them though:

      • Email

      • Toll-free number

      • Twitter

    But, On every platform, I don’t get a response.

    After a couple of weeks, I get the call regarding the clarification.

    I had 2 EMIs which was paid after the due date so they deduct the 2k changes.

    But, Aditya Biral is one of the Worst companies I see in my life.

      • I send 100+ emails

      • 50/60 tweets

      • 10/15 phone calls

      • and hours of time

    To just resolve my query.

    It’s not worth getting the service from Aditya Biral.

    They even give me a loan with 21% of interest which is the highest interest rate in any bank.

    But, Still, I get that loan because my condition was bad.

    But, It doesn’t mean that they don’t give me any clarification on any charges and do whatever they want.

    Harass me for EMI bounce.

    They had time to call me 10/15 times in a day if I bounce the EMI.

    But, They don’t have time to call me once in a few days. I wait a couple of weeks just for getting the clarification.

    Shameless and worthless.

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